Monday, October 11, 2010


It's been two years a new husband and a baby later! I forgot I had this blog! Well time to update! Lots of products have been tried. Lots of new things going on! Let's get this started up again!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Product Reviews..The good and Bad

So lately Ive been trying different things out on my hair, and heres what Ive got to say about it all...

Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner...

I was so excited when I saw the site, I thought to myself Yesssss finally. However, after I got it...I thought otherwise. It dried my hair out :( I think I know why it did though, my hair doesnt react to well to wheat protein, it drys my hair out so bad no matter what its in!! So I now have two whole bottles of Mixed Chicks, and I cant use either one!!

100% Unrefined Shea Butter..

AMAZING, I love this stuff on my hair!!! I put it in at night normally it conditions my hair so well!! It leaves it soooo soft!!! However..I have yet to wear my hair down and curly with the shea butter, Im still waiting to do that. Ive been wearing my hair in a big ballet type bun to keep my ends protected, so using the Shea Butter for this has been awesome. It also has been amazing on my skin, including my lips and face. Im def gonna stay stocked on on this one.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil....

Another new love of mine. It makes my hair extremely shiny, I only used it in my hair once, mixed with the shea butter. Im not to sure what I thought about that..It wouldnt of been good for wearing my hair down, it was really thick like that. I put it on while my hair was dry though so I have yet to put it in while my hair is wet. Ill update after I try that out. HOWEVER!!! I love using this as a face moisturizer. My skin cleared up instantly, my pores even look way smaller!! I have no clue what this stuff is doing but whatever it is im using it relgiously now on my face and body. It does not leave it greasy or oily, not at all. Hair yes, Skin no.

Teri's Routine ( ..

Shes a mixed chick with hair very similar to mine, so I was stoked when I found her website, I have been using her routine on the site, Ive been doing my hair exactly like I read on her site and so far, that has been working out awesome as well. However I know not to many people can leave a non leave in conditioner in their hair and have it work out well. I can though. It worked awesome my curls have never been better. They arent weighed down, they are perfect curls, they arent dried out at all. So besides me trying out different organic oils and butters for homemade remedys her routine is going to be my main one. Check out her site, her hair is B E A U TIFUL so for her to have hair as long and gorgeous as she does, what shes doing has to work.

If you have any tips, products, or routines hit me up!!! Let me know about them so I can try them out!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

When a Brown Eyed Brunette Becomes a Blue Eyed Blonde

My entire life of being a Biracial girl, Ive constantly been trying to fit in here.. or there. Only to feel out of place for the most part no matter which crowd I hung around, the white girls or the black girls. My naturally thick dark brown spiral curly 3b hair has been, relaxed, pressed, permed, texturized, and colored so much its a surprise I still have hair at all! It always comes down to the hair. I was never "white" enough because my hair was never straight enough and I was never light enough..I was never "black" enough because of how I talked and how pale I was when I was younger and then my hair texture. Ive always had a complex about my hair. At around 16 I decided I didnt like relaxers and attempted to wear my hair natural and curly. I loved how it looked wet in the shower. However at the same time I decided to go blonde for the first time..BAD mistake. I bought a dark and lovely hair color, in a blonde looking color on the box. Similar to there Honey Blonde color they have now. However my hair did not turn out honey blonde...My hair turned out Big Bird Yellow (!!!!) and Mandarin Orange(!!!)..with Dark Brown roots...Which in my rebellious nature I decided I liked..and I paired it with Dark Purple lipstick. I was a mess. In my mind though I was closer to fitting in within my local demographics. I was wearing it Wash N Go. However because of all the chemicals...It was more so...curly roots and overly gelled dagger like ends. I thought I was hot stuff though. Ironically, internally Ive always felt hotter with naturalisque type hair. One day my first infactuation "Joey" (who was white)told me, " You need a relaxer..." this scarred me for life..first of the heck did he know what a relaxer was??? shot down my attempt for being natural. Fast Forward to 18 yrs old, no more relaxers..back to black hair color after a range of others. Curly again, untill I straightened once and saw how long it was..I kept straightening it from then on, Untill it fell out all over again because of all the heat and wrong product. Its been a cycle. Last year at 22 years old, I decided to cut off my part time curly shoulder length hair as a "new me" just getting out of a bad relationship. So last Novmber I went to a salon at the mall (jcpennys) yea yea its all I knew to go to..Got my hair cut into a short bob, with....blonde highlights. The stylist had never done my "type" of hair before so, I was a bit scared when the color was in and she kept getting the manager to come over and look at my hair and consult with the only black stylist in the salon and then walk away all three looking at me under the dryer confused..I was nervous to say the least. However when it was all said and done, my hair was actually pretty hot. It didnt turn out to be blonde highlights like I wanted, it was more so reddish brown. Which worked for then. I also ordered blue, grey, and honey contacts online. I stuck to the blue ones religously. I started tanning everyday so I would be darker than being the pale color I was always made fun of for being by my friends who were black when I was a teen. However I was not satisfied for long with my hair.. In January I went to Regis Salon, two stores over from Jcpenny in the mall, and got more blonde..I told her I was to look like Nicole Ritchie color wyse, cut wyse...Victoria Beckham...aka Posh Spice. She went on and on about how good she is at working on "black girls hair". She told me how the hair school she went to was all black girls, and how most people are scared to put bleach on our hair but shes not because she knows it will take it. Its stronger she said. So i was cheesin like YESSS finally someone who will know how to do my hair!! The color came out not as blonde as I wanted but she straightned it better than I ever had without a relaxer just a chi flat iron. So that was my second bleaching, within three months. I told her when I left, I still wanted it blonder...she said come back in two months. So I did. It was a count down..I was also flat ironing my hair every single day...EVERY single day somtimes twice or three times a day to keep it super straight..with lots of movement..two months later I was back and ready to be bleached. I excitedly sat in the chair, however it felt different...She was not doing my hair the same as she had before...she was barely paying attention how she was putting in the bleach this time...she kept telling me she was gonna do it like I wanted. Like Nicole Ritchie. All over blonde..The foil in my hair was hot to the touch. It felt like steam coming off of it and I hadnt even gotten under the hooded dryer.....YET. In my gut I knew this time was it. My hair was sure to fall out. She put me under the dryer and it seemed as if she forgot about me. I was under there forever!! Finally she rinsed it out and I saw the results from the mirrored ceiling...My heart stopped. I was very very blonde....not Nicole Ritchie blonde...Ash blonde...almost hair was apparently falling out while she washed it because she kept telling me, its normal to have breakage after this much bleach..she sat me down in the chair and took off the towel and my hair...looked horrible. She started running a small tooth comb through it, and I could see it falling out clump by clump as she combed. She kept reminding me "this is what you wanted so here you go" " I just did exactly what you wanted" " Remember this is what you were after all over blonde" I wanted to tell her to shut up. She said " Now just so you know, even if your not happy with this, Im not gonna color your hair any blonder." Gee really??? Thanks. After it was straightened it looked much better. I actually came to like it a lot after a few days. I got tons of compliments from it later on. I was finally a Blonde hair'd Blue eyed my peers I had grown up with. I never felt like "me" though. Even though it was what I thought I wanted...It wasnt "me". So here I am 8 months after the third and last bleaching, and Its back to being Dark Brown, I still have tons of unopened, Blue and Grey contacts, just sitting in my bathroom. I stopped tanning back in June because of how it was making my skin look.. However, for now....Im loving being a brown haired, curly, brown eyed girl like I was intended to be. My hair is damaged from all the color..its slowly recooperating. Ive vowed to not use any more heat. To embrace my curls. To embrace my color. To embrace my "Mixedness" :) Im learning to love me the way I was intended to be, because If I cant...Ill never be trully happy... THE PICS ARE IN ORDER OF THE STORY FROM FIRST BLEACHING...TO SECOND..TO THIRD..AND NOW. ( my makeup is a bit much and wrong shade in the now pic because I was backstage at a fashion show, I do model and they never ever match my foundation right at fashion shows...ever. They pinned my hair up into a mowhawk and put ashy foundation on me..ah well it was a fun show.